Cochon fermier
Cochon fermier

Farmhouse pig from Cantal

Farm pigs raised by Olivier and his family in the Cantal.


Your order will be sent by express transport in a Fresh Parcel.

Cantal farmhouse pigs

Welcome to the pre-order of Farmhouse pigs from Cantal raised on straw by Olivier and his family, tender and tasty, with a typical and rustic taste.

Use-by date (TBD): October 16, 2021

BREED: Large White breed farm pig.
WEIGHT: 2.1kg, 7.8kg, and 10kg boxes as well as retail pieces.
FARM: Raised, pampered and fed from birth on the farm.
TASTING: Exceptionally high quality meat, tender and flavorful with a rustic taste.
BREEDING: Traditional methods of rearing on straw with pigs born on straw on the farm (unique in France).
PRAIRIES: At more than 1000 meters of altitude, the pigs live in vast, naturally ventilated pens. The land is in the process of being certified organic.
FEED: Fed on milk until about 27 days old, the pigs feast on cereals (wheat, barley and non-GMO soybeans) and, of course, the insects they find with their snouts in the vastness of straw.
PACKAGING: The meat is vacuum packed in pieces.
FRESH PACKAGE: Fresh delivery thanks to a parcel that maintains a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees for up to 4 days depending on your country of residence
(and you will be able to keep it to carry your picnic).

EXPRESS DELIVERY: 24/72h European Union, UK, Switzerland, Norway and France.
STORAGE: If you don't want to consume your products before the best-before date, you can also keep them for 6 months in the freezer.

Caution ! Black pudding cannot be frozen.

Dates to remember

Date précommande
Date précommande

The boxs


39,50 € TTC

so 18,81 € TTC / kg

~ 0,5 kg of Roast Fillet

~ 0,5 kg of Roast Loin

5 Chipolatas (so 0,5 kg)

4 Fresh sausages (so 0,6 kg)

Barbecue box

140,00 € TTC

so 17,95 € TTC / kg

12 Fresh sausages (so 1,8 kg)

8 to 10 Côtelettes (so 2 kg)

20 Chipolatas (so 2 kg)

~ 1 kg of sliced fresh breast

12 Aubrac Beef Merguez (so 1 kg)

Classique box

179,50 € TTC

so 17,95 € TTC / kg

~ 1kg of Roast Fillet

~ 1kg of Roast Loin

8 to 10 Chops (so 2 kg)

10 Chipolatas (so 1 kg)

12 Fresh sausages (so 1,8 kg)

8 Paupiettes (so 1,2 kg)

1 Pallet (so 1 kg)

6 6 Aubrac Beef Merguez (so 0,5 kg)

~ 0,5kg of fresh Ribs

Fresh pig parts

2 Saucisses fraîches de porc sans ail - 300g

2 Fresh Pork Sausages without garlic - 300g

5,95 € TTC

so 19,83 € TTC / kg

2 Saucisses fraîches de porc avec ail - 300g

2 Fresh Pork Sausages with garlic - 300g

5,90 € TTC

so 19,67 € TTC / kg

7 Saucisses barbecue - 560g

7 Barbecue sausages

10,90 € TTC

so 19,46 € TTC / kg

Saucisson à cuire - 450g

Cooked sausage


8,90 € TTC

so 19,78 € TTC / kg

3 Chipolatas - 300g

3 Chipolatas


6,50 € TTC

so 21,67 € TTC / kg

Filet mignon - 500g

6 Merguez of Aubrac farm beef - 480g

11,99 € TTC

so 24,98 € TTC / kg

Rôtis Filet - 500g

Roast Filet


9,75 € TTC

so 19,50 € TTC / kg

Rôtis Échine - 500g

Roast loin


9,75 € TTC

so 19,50 € TTC / kg

Rôtis Filet - 1Kg

Roast Filet


18,90 € TTC

so 18,90 € TTC / kg

Rôtis Échine - 1Kg

Roast loin


18,90 € TTC

so 18,90 € TTC / kg

Rouelle - 1,5Kg



25,90 € TTC

so 17,27 € TTC / kg

Palette - 1Kg



17,50 € TTC

so 17,50 € TTC / kg

2 Côtelettes Filet - 300g

2 Chops Filet


5,50 € TTC

so 18,33 € TTC / kg

2 Côtelettes Échine - 330g

2 Backbone chops

5,99 € TTC

so 18,15 € TTC / kg

Travers frais - 500g

Fresh ribs


8,50 € TTC

so 17,00 € TTC / kg

Filet mignon - 500g



19,90 € TTC

so 39,80 € TTC / kg

Poitrine fraîche - 500g

Fresh breast


6,99 € TTC

so 13,98 € TTC / kg

2 Paupiettes de Porc - 260g

2 Pork Paupiettes

5,99 € TTC

so 23,04 € TTC / kg

Chair à l'ail - 500g

Garlic flesh


9,50 € TTC

so 19,00 € TTC / kg

Chair sans ail - 500g

Garlic-free flesh


9,50 € TTC

so 19,00 € TTC / kg

Farce à légume - 500g

Vegetable filling


9,99 € TTC

so 19,98 € TTC / kg

Sauté de Porc fermier - 750g

Sauté of farm pork

12,99 € TTC

so 17,32 € TTC / kg

Filet mignon - 500g

Black pudding


6,99 € TTC

so 23,30 € TTC / kg

The salty pieces

Pâté cuit au four - 600g

Oven-baked pâté


12,50 € TTC

so 20,83 € TTC / kg

Plat de côtes salé - 500g

Salted rib dish


8,75 € TTC

so 17,50 € TTC / kg

Lard de poitrine salé - 500g

Salted bacon

8,75 € TTC

so 17,50 € TTC / kg

Palette salée - 1Kg

Salty Palette


17,90 € TTC

so 17,90 € TTC / kg

Travers salés - 500g

Salted ribs


8,90 € TTC

so 17,80 € TTC / kg

Jambonneau salé - 1Kg

Salted ham


17,50 € TTC

so 17,50 € TTC / kg

Lard blanc salé - 500g

Salted white bacon


4,50 € TTC

so 9,00 € TTC / kg

2 Pieds salés - env 900g

2 Salted feet

env 900g

3,75 € TTC

so 4,17 € TTC / kg

Les plats cuisinés

Lasagnes artisanales

Homemade lasagne


6,50 € TTC

so 21,67 € TTC / kg

Lasagnes artisanales

Homemade lasagne


19,99 € TTC

so 19,99 € TTC / kg

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An exceptional farm product

Ma-Petite-France_Cochon sur paille

An outstanding quality race

Olivier and his family raise pink/white Large White farm pigs. This breed originates from Yorkshire in the North-East of England and was introduced into France in the 1920s. Very popular, the Large White is favoured for its adaptability, breeding performance and especially the quality of its meat.

This breed is the most frequent partner of the French Landrace and the Piétrain. The Landrace has good milk production qualities for piglets and the Pietrain has good muscularity and excellent carcass yield.

There are 350 breeds of pig and Olivier turned to this Large White breed in order to offer the best possible meat while paying particular attention to the welfare of the animals raised on straw.

Farming exclusively on straw

Unique in France, at Olivier the piglets are born on the farm directly on straw. Usually other farms give birth to piglets on slatted floors or buy piglets directly from other farms.

The piglet will be raised on straw and fed by its mother until it weighs 8kg. A month has passed and the young pig will continue to grow on straw surrounded by about 30 other pigs of the same age. The further along it gets, the more straw it will have under its feet. Eventually, 1 metre of straw will be present under him for the triple axels and stanchions.

Ma-Petite-France Cochon sur paille

More seriously, the importance of straw is paramount for the animal's well-being and health. In some (large or small, we don't know, we didn't ask) pig farms in France, slatted floors are used. This considerably reduces the work of cleaning but increases the problems of growth as well as the physical and psychological health of the animals. Indeed, not to mention the fact that the pigs are often crammed into boxes that are far too small, they have their tails cut off in corkscrews as soon as they are born or when they arrive in order to reduce the phenomenon of cannibalism.

Ma-Petite-France Cochon sur paille

Pigs use their snouts for entertainment, fun and looking for some small insects to nibble on and the fact that it is on a slatted floor prevents this essential activity. They eat each other's tails. This equipment causes depression in some animals.

In addition, slatted floors cause joint problems and affect their growth.

You can see why Olivier and his family have decided to provide an ideal floor made of straw, a good mattress to live on. They use their snouts ideally to entertain themselves and look for some insects wandering in the straw.

So yes, it's a lot of work, but the result is there.
Olivier and his family take great care of each of their animals, cows, calves and pigs.

High quality food

After 1 month of milk feeding, a few days of transitional feeding will be put in place to switch from milk to cereals. Non-GMO wheat, barley and soya allow the animals to eat their fill while enjoying the occasional family vegetable peelings.

And yes, no drugs, antibiotics, flour, pellets or who knows what else. Just those three grains and nothing else.

Around 8 months old, the pig weighs around 130 kg and will be used for fresh meat and cured meat for gourmets.

Ma-Petite-France alimentation grain.jpg

Golden Farmers

In the 1980s, Olivier's parents started raising pigs, but when the price of pork fell, the farm ran into serious difficulties. Olivier's mother, who was a fighter, took the initiative and decided to start processing pork. That's where the story begins.

In 2014, Olivier decided to come back to help Sylvain on the family farm and together they decided to put the church back in the middle of the village and with strength and conviction. They decided to make only products of exceptional quality. For Olivier, coming from the food industry, it is time to respect the consumer and to make quality products.

For the occasion, the farm has pushed the artisanal concept to the point of bringing their buildings up to "animal welfare" standards. Sylvain, the cousin, is in charge of raising the pigs and understands these animals better than anyone. When he goes to see the pigs, they turn into pets happy to be with their master. The animals are divided into boxes according to their age.

Ma-Petite-France Fermier

Olivier is in charge of the transformation and the administrative management, supported by his wife, cousins and many other family members.
It is good to live in the Planèze of St Flour and it is good to spend some time with them.

The delivery

Delivered in a Fresh Package

The fresh pig meat pieces and boxes are sent by refrigerated transport directly to Ma Petite France and then stored in cold storage.
Each order is carefully prepared by our team without breaking the cold chain thanks to our Fresh Packs which allow us to maintain a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees for 96 hours (4 days).

Daily, Ma Petite France sends sensitive fresh farm products and ships them to 39 countries around the world while maintaining the cold chain.

Express Delivery

We only offer delivery to the following countries :

- European Union:
(Germany, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland and in France)
- UK
- Switzerland
- Norway

If the products don't arrive quickly or are sent in a blimp it's not going to do it.
Then our carrier comes to pick up your package at Ma Petite France and takes the opportunity to stop for an express coffee (short, sugar-free and not too hot). Your package is handled with the utmost care by the DHL teams who will deliver your package to your home in 24 to 72 hours.

The fair price

Fair payment to farmers and artisans is central to our model while guaranteeing quality products. The Fresh Parcel and Express Transport have a cost. So you might as well take advantage of it to fill up the parcel a bit more either by ordering a few extra duck breasts or other products from the shop to amortize the costs (Everything will be delivered at the same time).

We contribute to the transport costs from the first kilo. Delivery is free from 250€ (excluding fresh parcels) in the European Union, United Kingdom and France.

A recipe

The Ideal Sauces

Sauce mayonnaise


- 1 egg yolk
- 1 teaspoon of vinegar
- 1 teaspoon of strong mustard
- 1 large glass of oil
- Salt and pepper

Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature.

Combine in a bowl, egg, ½ teaspoon vinegar, salt, pepper, and mustard with a whisk.

As soon as the mixture is homogeneous and smooth, add the oil drop by drop and then when the sauce starts to set, pour in the oil more abundantly.

Whisk quickly and continuously throughout the preparation. Add another ½ teaspoon of vinegar halfway through the preparation.

When the mayonnaise is finished, stir in 1 teaspoon of boiling water all at once. This will give the sauce a better hold and more lightness.


Ingredients should be at room temperature.
Be careful not to add the oil too quickly at first. If you are using an electric mixer, you will need to add the egg white as well and you will need to add all the ingredients at the same time. You can add lemon instead of vinegar to make a lemon mayonnaise.

Devil's sauce


- 2 glasses of dry white wine
- 2 shallots
- ½ glass of concentrated meat stock
- 1 teaspoon of mustard
- 2 tablespoons of farmhouse ketchup
- 2 pinches of cayenne pepper
- pepper

For 10 minutes, boil the white wine with the shallots.

As soon as the liquid has reduced by half, stir in the meat stock and cayenne pepper. Boil for 3 minutes.

Off the heat, add the mustard, pepper and ketchup. Do not add salt.


Devil's sauce is a perfect accompaniment to chicken, grilled pigeon, breaded pig's feet and grilled fish.

Béarnaise sauce

In a small, heavy saucepan, combine the vinegar, chopped shallots and tarragon. Boil very gently for a few minutes until the vinegar evaporates. Leave to cool.

Off the heat, add the egg yolks, 2 tablespoons of water, salt and pepper to the previous preparation.

Over very low heat, whisk the mixture vigorously until the mixture thickens and holds a little on the whisk handles.

Remove from the heat and stir in the butter, cut into small pieces, without stopping.

Advice and accompaniment

This sauce cannot be reheated
. Be careful not to overheat the mixture or the sauce will be ruined

. Accompaniment: ideal for all grilled meats, poached or hard-boiled eggs and fried or grilled fish.


- 2 shallots
- Tarragon
- 3 tablespoons vinegar
- 2 egg yolks
- 100g butter
- salt and pepper

Aïoli Sauce

Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature.

Crush the garlic very finely in a bowl and add the egg yolk, salt and pepper. Mix vigorously with a whisk.

Little by little, add the olive oil. When the sauce sets, pour in the oil more generously. Stir in 1 tablespoon of hot water and the juice of half a lemon to finish your sauce.


Cold meats, fish, vegetables.


- 6/7 cloves of garlic
- 1 egg yolk
- ½ litre olive oil
- ½ lemon
- Salt and pepper

Cold pork roast


- 1kg Roast Fillet
- 25g Butter
- 1 onion
- 1 clove
- Bouquet garni (parsley, thyme and bay leaf)
- Salt and pepper

Boil 1.5L of water in a stewpot with salt, pepper, bouquet garni and the onion studded with a clove.

In a frying pan, brown the meat all over with the butter.

Plunge your pork roast into the boiling water then cover and cook for 45 mins (for 1kg of pork roast)

Once your roast is drained, quickly brown it in the pan you used earlier. Put your roast to cool.


Enjoy the cold sauces, mustards and pickles if you have them.

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