Freedom, ethics and relationships

Our credo is to give everyone the possibility to enjoy the same things as every French person at home, despite the distance.

We believe we can change the shipping rules to allow everyone to get the best products at an acceptable price, whilst having a fair purchasing policy from producers.

We believe it’s possible to re-establish a special relationship between consumers and producers by reducing the number of intermediaries.

For that, we search out for our clients high quality products , made by passionate people.. Farmers and artisans in whom we trust, and who wish to share their passion.. Yes, we remove the constraints linked to distance in order to share and exchange with our compatriots.

To you, French gastronomy lovers, we offer a range of traditionally-made products straight from the farm and from producers, at an acceptable price. That’s why we are the only ones to provide products as if you had bought them on the market place of a small French village.



We want to speak about our partners and their products as if we were talking to our best friends. Transparency is how we choose to communicate with you different aspects of our products, both on the ingredients side, and also potential hiccups in our process or even additional costs due to special features (ex: fresh packaging solutions…). We’re sincere without overdoing it.



Solidarity with the French farming system is part of our project’s DNA. After many discussions with farmers and artisans, things fell into place. We thought about a project that links up producers and consumers.

We put our artisans and farmers in the spotlight, so you can discover the world of those who make the products you will taste. We offer you very high-quality products that will remind you of home.

This is why this store has been set up and has been linked to organizations and companies that support and value French farming. The most important thing for us is to give everyone the opportunity to help projects and small farms that can’t move forward without you.

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