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A farm where pigs are pampered! 

Ah the Cantal! A department that is almost inaccessible in winter and that is full of good products and especially exceptional know-how.

To go and see Olivier and his family, we have to go through Massiac, Saint-Flour or on the other side through Riom-és-Montagnes. To each his way but for the blow we are sure to find him because the people of the country have the heart on the hand and help us willingly.

In the middle of the countryside, after the village of Tannavelle, we cross on our right a large farm with several buildings. It is here that the pigs are raised and that the manufacture of the products is carried out. Clearly, we are nevertheless far from everything and it is not to displease us.

The farm where pigs are pampered

Farmers in Gold

In the 1980s, Olivier's parents had started raising pigs, but following the fall in the price of pork, the farm experienced very big difficulties. Olivier's mother, who was a fighter, decided to become a pork processor. That's where the story begins.

In 2014, Olivier decided to come back to help Sylvain at the family farm and together they decided to put the church back in the middle of the village and with strength and conviction. They decided to produce only products of exceptional quality. For Olivier, coming from the agri-food world, it is time to respect the consumer and make quality products.

For the move, the farm has pushed the artisanal concept to the point of bringing their buildings up to "animal welfare" standards. Sylvain, the cousin, is in charge of raising the pigs and understands these animals better than anyone. When he goes to see the pigs, they turn into pets happy to find their master. The animals are divided into boxes according to their ages.

When visiting it is hard not to cringe at these White Large pigs who are cocooned like rare pearls. Under lamps that give them the necessary warmth, the pigs are housed in boxes on straw according to their age and fed with cereals guaranteed without GMOs, antibiotics or growth hormones.

Farm Dryer

Excellent craftsmanship

First and foremost, Olivier tells us that he wants to make "good, healthy and simple products" and there he has perfectly described his farm in three words. The products are transformed on the farm in a workshop that meets the standards and then dried in the natural air of the Planèze de Saint-Flour at an altitude of 1,000 meters. The manufacture of the products is based on family recipes dating back several generations, all without nitrite, coloring or preservatives.

To take it a step further, the family home is where it all happens. The kitchen has been transformed into a store and the children's rooms are natural drying rooms, open to the winds of the Planèze. It's worth the detour.

From this farm thus come out in a reasoned way dry sausages, country hams (cured ham but they insist on calling it country ham), terrines, pastes, pigfeet and other delicious products.

One of their customers who doesn't live in the country called them out on it, "the country ham is at a price a little high, but that's the difference when you know all the work that goes into it, all the respect for the animals, and the quality of the composition of the products. You have to go to remote places like Cantal to find a gem like your farm". It is our sacred pig to us.

Exceptional products

Discover his products

And why not drive by? 

The hamlet deep in the Cantal offers a possibility to radiate all around Tanavelle. It is the ideal place to climb the Plomb du Cantal, the highest peak of the Cantal (1855 meters), as well as other peaks, to enjoy the visit of Saint-Flour and to stroll in Riom-ès-Montagne. The surroundings are rich in forests, meadows and farmers and craftsmen willing to share their know-how. The Viaduc de Garabit (work of Gustave Eiffel) is a must-see before taking a break at the thermal springs of Chaudes-Aigues. On the other hand, one does not leave the country without having tasted a good meat of Salers accompanied by a truffade (potato gratin with fresh tomme of cantal), a blueberry pie, cheese of course (Cantal, Salers and Blue) and to finish a gentian liqueur. So much for the tourist side of the region.

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