Pâtisseries fraîches
Pâtisseries fraîches

Fresh pastries

Fresh pastries made by Bastien and his team in Tournon in Ardèche.


Your order will be sent by express transport in a Fresh Parcel.

Fresh pastries

Welcome to the pre-order of fresh artisanal pastries from the French countryside.
This month we offer you to discover pies, cakes, cakes and sweet delicacies prepared by Bastien and his team, artisans ardéchois. This World Pastry Champion has created traditional desserts for you. Thanks to our Fresh Parcel, your products remain intact until they reach their destination.

Don't forget to go next door to see our pre-order of Farmhouse Pig raised at 1000 metres altitude by Olivier and his family on the Planèze of Saint Flour in the Cantal. The most beautiful planchas, the most beautiful barbecues could not do without this meat with its very rare rustic aromas and tastes.

To continue the party, you can also enjoy pieces of Farmhouse Label Rouge Duck such as Magret and raw Foie Gras prepared by Paul and his family. The plancha for one, the terrine for the other. To each his own cooking method for guaranteed pleasure.

Oysters and Bigorneaux de Bretagne are also available to finish off the summer and prepare for the mild and cold weather. A good dose of iodine, minerals, trace elements, vitamins and phosphorous. Indulge in the Hollowing oysters (fine, special) and flat oysters (known as Belons oysters) traditionally bred by Nicolas and his team in the Gulf of Morbihan. The Snailfish are collected by fishermen, Nicolas' friend.

Use-by date :
- Pies: 16/10/2021
- Tournonais: 20/10/2021

CHEF PÂTISSIER: Bastien is World Pastry Champion in 2017. Full of ideas, he is constantly creating in order to offer pastries with straightforward tastes to make his customers experience an intense tasting of pleasure.
ARTISAN: With his wife Margaux, they created in 2020 their artisanal pastry shop in Tournon-sur-Rhône in Ardèche. A small team of 9 passionate people (pastry chefs, bakers, chocolatiers, saleswomen) accompany them in this adventure.
SUPPLY: Bastien sources as much as possible locally in the Ardèche and in the department next door, the Drôme.
TASTING TIP: Take your pies out one to two hours before tasting.
FRESH DELIVERY: Fresh delivery thanks to a parcel that maintains a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees for up to 4 days depending on your country of residence.
(and you will be able to keep it to carry your picnic)

. EXPRESS DELIVERY: 24/72h European Union, UK, Switzerland, Norway and France.

Dates to remember

Date précommande
Date précommande

Fresh pastries

Tarte citron meringuée

Lemon meringue pie
⅚ persons

28,99 € TTC

so 57,98 € TTC / kg

Tarte chocolat praliné

Chocolate praline pie
⅚ persons

33,99 € TTC

so 67,98 € TTC / kg

Tarte aux pralines

Praline pie
⅚ persons

31,99 € TTC

so 63,98 € TTC / kg

Tournonais - environ 700g

approx. 700g

19,90 € TTC

so 29,40 € TTC / kg

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Fresh pastries

Classic pastries revisited

Bastien is the passionate one! He is constantly thinking about new cakes, new ideas, new associations. So sending pastries to treat French people and lovers of French gastronomy, it interested him immediately.
For several weeks, he has been thinking about the first ideas for pastries. The aim is to be able to send you pastries that can be eaten for at least a week, be transported well maintained to avoid shocks and without risk thanks to Ma Petite France's Fresh Pack.
An extra special feature of Bastien and Margaux's pastries is that they are all named by a first name. As their shop is located in a former primary school, they decided to name each of their cakes after the pupils. We decided to present them to you with their first names.
This month, we bring you the first delicious pastries from Bastien, passionate and World Pastry Champion.

Ready-to-eat pastries

This month we present Ava and Clementine pies.

The Ava Pie is a chocolate praline pie. It is composed of a shortcrust pastry, a crunchy hazelnut and puffed rice praline, a 62% pure Brazilian chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnuts. The whole is coated with a thin layer of chocolate to hold it all together. A pure delight for chocolate lovers.


The Clementine Pie is a pink praline pie. Yes we have thought of all those who are craving this traditional tart. It is composed of a shortcrust pastry, an almond cream, a pink praline caramel and roasted almonds. Bastien manages to revisit this pastry by making it less sweet but with intense flavours.

And in desserts delivered in full, we end with the Tournonais. A creation from scratch by Bastien, it has become a classic and traditional cake that is snapped up in shops. The Tournonais is a soft travel cake in the spirit of a Savoy biscuit but with an Ardèche flavour, chestnut flour and candied chestnut chips. Just what is needed to be delicious.


A pie in a kit

The pie kit is the best way to send your fragile pastries to you. There's no risk of the cream going around the package, the elements ending up in crumbs and the cake looking like a crumble.

This month Bastien offers the lemon meringue pie. This tart is called Antoine and is made with shortcrust pastry, almond cream, lemon cream and meringues.

You have three elements: the tart base with a cooked almond cream, a plastic bag in which you have the lemon cream and a bag with beautiful meringues in a ball.


1. Once received, arrange your pie on a presentation plate.
2. Take the bag with the lemon creamer inside. Bring the creaminess down as close to the tip of the bag as possible. Using a chisel cut about 3cm off the pointed part of the bag and spread the creaminess over the tart.
3. Then arrange the meringues on top of the creamy. Your dessert is ready.

Ma-Petite-France Magret de canard
Ma-Petite-France Magret de canard
Ma-Petite-France Magret de canard
Ma-Petite-France Magret de canard

Safe transport

Bastien and Ma Petite France have worked to ensure that your pastries arrive intact and are kept in a fresh environment.

Already a specialist in sending very sensitive products (meat, fish, shellfish, cream), Ma Petite France will continue to send your pastries by Colis Frais. The advantage of this parcel service is that it also protects against external shocks. For his part, Bastien has been working on methods of packaging pastries specifically for shipping. All our tests have been a success and each time it's a great moment to taste.

Golden artisans

Bastien and his team treat you to fresh pastries as well as all kinds of delicacies. This fabulous pastry chef won the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie at SIRHA in Lyon (2017) with two other French pastry chefs.

After experiences at Anne Sophie PIC in Valence, then at Philippe Rigollot (also world champion) in Annecy, as well as in Lausanne at the Ecole Hôtelière, he joined Potel et Chabot, a high-end caterer in Paris.

Ma-Petite-France Boudin noir
Ma-Petite-France Boudin noir

With his wife Margaux, they decided to return to their roots for an entrepreneurial and family adventure in the Ardèche. Originally from Tournon, Bastien and Margaux are opening their pastry shop in Tournon sur Rhône in early 2020. Margaux, who is passionate about pastry and social networks, is in charge of the shop and its influence in the Ardèche. Their son, Aubin, willingly comes to the tastings with his parents in order to test Bastien's classic or innovative pastries first.This is how, as a family and with their team, they create a universe Intense in emotion and taste for the pleasure of gourmets.

The delivery

Livré dans un Colis Frais

The pastries are sent by refrigerated transport directly to Ma Petite France and then stored in cold storage.
Each order is carefully prepared by our team without breaking the cold chain thanks to our Fresh Packages which maintain a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees for 96 hours (4 days).

Daily, Ma Petite France sends sensitive fresh farm products and ships them to 39 countries around the world while maintaining the cold chain.

Livraison Express

We only offer delivery to the following countries:

- European Union:
(Germany, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland and in France)
- UK
- Switzerland
- Norway

If the products don't arrive quickly or are sent in a blimp it's not going to do it.
Then our carrier comes to pick up your package at Ma Petite France and takes the opportunity to stop for an express coffee (short, sugar-free and not too hot). Your package is handled with the utmost care by the DHL teams who will deliver your package to your home in 24 to 72 hours.

The fair price

Fair payment to farmers and artisans is central to our model while guaranteeing quality products. The Fresh Parcel and Express Transport have a cost. So you might as well take advantage of it to fill up the parcel a bit more either by ordering a few extra duck breasts or other products from the shop to amortize the costs (Everything will be delivered at the same time).

We contribute to the transport costs from the first kilo. Delivery is free from 250€ (excluding fresh parcels) in the European Union, United Kingdom and France.

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