Châtaignes fraîches
Châtaignes fraîches

Fresh chestnuts

Fresh chestnuts harvested by and his team in Ardeche.


Your order will be sent by express transport in a Fresh Parcel.

Fresh chestnuts

Welcome to the pre-order of fresh organic chestnuts from Ardèche.
This month we invite you to discover Chestnuts of the Merle and Combale varieties picked and pampered by Luc, Maëlle and Lucas, market gardeners and castaneiculturists from Ardèche.

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All that's missing is a beautiful pastry to end your meal. We chose the one of Bastien Pâtissier ardéchois and 2017 World Pastry Champion. An unforgettable moment between the Praline pie, the chocolate and hazelnut pie, the tournonais (for chestnut lovers) and the lemon meringue pie.

VARIETIES: Merles and Combales chestnuts. Historical varieties from the Ardèche region.
ORGANIC: These chestnuts are organically grown.
FARM: Hand-picked and pampered by Luc, Maëlle and Lucas, market gardeners and castaneiculturists from Ardèche.
FOREST: Forest, owned by these market gardeners, made up of trees that are nearly 200 years old.
EXPRESS DELIVERY: 24/72h European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and France.
STORAGE: If you want to keep the chestnuts longer, put them in the refrigerator or freeze them when peeled.

Dates to remember

Date précommande
Date précommande

Fresh organic chestnut

Tarte citron meringuée

Fresh organic chestnut from Ardèche PDO
1 Kg

6,90 € TTC

so 6,90 € TTC / kg

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Ancestral varieties

The Ardèche, land of chestnuts

For a very long time, some would say forever, chestnut trees have been present in the Ardèche. It is from the 13th century that the culture of the chestnut develops thanks to the techniques of grafting.
After a period of prosperity, the 18th century saw the appearance of diseases, new industrial methods and the rural exodus which had an immediate impact on the chestnut groves.
After an awareness of the possible disappearance of chestnuts in the Ardèche in 1960, safeguarding operations were set up and the creation of a union made this revival official.
Today, the Ardèche is the leading producer of chestnuts (50% of French production) and a PDO protects this exceptional land.

Ma-Petite-France_Ardèche terre de châtaignes
Ma-Petite-France_Récolte à la main des châtaingnes

Fresh chestnuts are harvested in the fall between September 15 and November 15. Luc and his children manually pick up the chestnuts that have come out of their bogue and fallen to the ground.

Once picked, the chestnuts are sorted by floating in water (if it float there is a worm and are therefore not retained) and then they undergo a visual sorting on a table before being graded and packaged for shipment.

Ma-Petite-France_Récolte en Ardèche à la main des châtaignes
Ma-Petite-France_Ramassage à la main des châtaignes
Ma-Petite-France_Tri à la main des châtaignes

The Merle and the Combale

We are in the farm of Luc and his children. This terroir mainly composed of chestnut and fir trees stretches from Vernoux to the Eyrieux valley. In these forests, the 200 year old chestnut trees produce mainly the Merle and Combale varieties. These are the two varieties of chestnuts historically present in this area.
The merle and the combale are two varieties chosen for their exquisite taste and the size of their fruit. The fruit has a very sweet fine flesh recommended to be roasted in dishes (jams, creams, savory dishes) or to be transformed into flour.


Incomparable tastes

Ardèche Chestnut has a sweet flavor and typical aromas that are characterized by notes of brioche, bread pudding, pumpkin, honey and sweet potato.

In the dried chestnuts and flour, you can find smells of dried fruits like almond and hazelnut as well as cakes.

Golden farmers

Overlooking the Rhone Valley, well established in a small Ardèche village, Luc (the Father), Maëlle and Lucas (the children) live with passion their jobs as market gardeners, horticulturists, castaneiculturists and cooks of tasty dishes. In 1987, Luc started from nothing, he took over the piece of land that his father was cultivating for his own consumption. He expanded the farm by planting on other plots and diversifying the business by selling flowers and vegetable plants. A little later, he decided to move into the kitchen by making cooked dishes with the help of his daughter and son-in-law. Ratatouille, pumpkin puree, tomato sauce with basil, farm ketchup, country soup, green beans ... dishes that smell good fresh vegetables and are a real delight.
Lucas has joined his father, sister and brother-in-law since 2019. After being a graphic designer in the city, he missed the outdoors and working the land. He joined the farm and created some nice looking labels that showcase the quality work done in the dirt and in the pots.

Ma-Petite-France Boudin noir
Ma-Petite-France Boudin noir

All vegetables and fruits are grown without treatments or pesticides. They are picked when ripe and are the basis of each of their recipes. The cooked dishes are made only with the farm's vegetables without coloring or preservatives. They proceed to a pasteurization or sterilization for the good conservation of the products. The taste and nutritional qualities are the focus of their work.

The farm has always been in biodynamics and the work of the land and vegetables is done in organic, but it is only since 2021 that they can say they are in organic farming on the labels.

Ma-Petite-France Boudin noir

As often, farmers do not always take the steps to have the organic label or simply do not have the means to acquire this label (And yes, it is paying: 800€ per year). So, until now, they had never taken the step but they were already in organic. Driven by the need to give readability to the consumer, they decided to launch the organic accreditation for their products and it is only since January 2021 that they have the possibility to write that they are organic. The time to sell out the last rolls of labels, it will be a few more months before we see their products labeled organic.

Ma-Petite-France Boudin noir

Express delivery

We only offer delivery to the following countries:

- European Union:
(Germany, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland and in France)
- UK
- Switzerland
- Norway

If the products don't arrive fast or are sent in a blimp it's not going to make it.
Then our carrier comes to pick up your package at Ma Petite France and takes the opportunity to stop for an express coffee (short, no sugar and not too hot). Your package is handled with the utmost care by the DHL company teams who will deliver your package to your home in 24 to 72 hours.

A fair price

Fair payment to farmers and artisans is central to our model while guaranteeing quality products. Express shipping has a cost. So you might as well take advantage of it to fill up the package a bit more by ordering other products from the store to amortize the costs (Everything will be delivered at the same time).

We participate in the transport costs from the first kilo. Delivery is offered from 250€ (excluding fresh parcels) in the European Union, United Kingdom and France.

Chestnuts roasted in the oven or in the fireplace

Serves 4 people

Rinse 1kg of chestnuts with water and drain them.

Incise them on the side or front and place them in an oven dish or baking sheet (for the fireplace materials to be flame resistant).

Put them in the oven at 220°C until they start to blacken, for 20-25 minutes.

Pick up some for snacking or peel some cold to put in a dish or other ideas. .


Once cooked, chestnuts can be kept for one day (except in a dish).

The chestnut cream


- 3 kg of PDO chestnuts
- 2 kg of sugar
- 1 liter of water
- 1 vanilla bean


Shelf life 6 months.

Peel your chestnuts: Score the fruit horizontally on the bulging side deep enough to cut both skins. Plunge the fruit into boiling water for five minutes, then take the chestnuts out as you go to peel them while hot.

Once your chestnuts are peeled, cook them for 30 minutes in a pot of simmering salted water. Drain and grind them as much as possible (like a puree).

In a small saucepan, pour in 1 liter of water and the sugar to make a syrup. Stir. When the syrup is brown, remove from heat.

Place your chestnut puree in a saucepan, put it on the stove (medium heat) and add the boiling syrup little by little.

This is when you can add a vanilla bean, a little alcohol, coffee or any additional flavor you like.

Mix well with a spoon to make the mixture smooth.

When the preparation is ready it should be creamy, blond and not very thick (about 20 minutes)

Put the mixture into previously scalded jars. Close immediately and turn the jars upside down on a tea towel.

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