Box of farmhouse Aubrac veal
Box of farmhouse Aubrac veal

Farmhouse Aubrac veal from Cantal

Farmhouse Aubrac veal raised by Olivier and his family in the Cantal.


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Farmhouse Aubrac veal from Cantal

Welcome to the pre-order of Olivier's Aubrac breed farm-raised calf, farm-raised from Cantal, tender and tasty, with the typical taste of this emblematic breed.
Enjoy this product in boxes and retail and don't forget to go next door to see our pre-order of Farmhouse Poultry to treat yourself to more and more.

A regulatory classification establishes the quality of the meat from 1 to 3 stars.

*** Very tender meat

** Tender meat

* Meat not very tender

We have thus indicated the quality of each piece of meat chosen so that you can make the best possible choice according to your desires.
Olivier, farmer of Cantal, proposes you only 2** and 3*** meat.

Use-by date (TBD): November 24, 2021

BREED: Aubrac.
WEIGHT: 4kg and 8kg boxes, retail pieces.
FARMERS: Raised, pampered and fed under the mother's milk in Cantal.
TASTING: Tender, fine and with a typical taste. The meat is pinkish.
BREEDING: Traditional method of rearing in the open air and fed under the mother on the Planèze of St Flour. The animals are brought in from December to March.
PRAIRIES: At more than 1000 meters above sea level, the meadows are composed of well-greened grasses and Auvergne mountain flowers. The grounds are in the process of being labeled BIO.
FEEDING: From April to December, the cows feast on fresh herbs and mountain flowers only, the calves themselves feed on their mother's milk and then on fresh herbs. No corn silage.
PACKAGING: Meat is vacuum packed in pieces.
FRESH PACKAGE: Fresh delivery thanks to a package that maintains a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees for up to 4 days depending on your country of residence.
(and you will be able to keep it to carry your picnic)

EXPRESS SHIPPING: 24/72h European Union, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway and France.
STORAGE: If you don't want to consume it before the BBD, you can also keep it 6 months in the freezer.

Dates to remember


Composition of the boxes

In boxes

8 kg Box

29,88 € TTC / kg

so 239,00 € TTC

Veal chop *** 1kg (to grill)

Veal cutlets ** 1,7kg (to grill)

Veal cutlets *** 700g (to grill)

Veal tendrons ** 500g (to simmer)

Low roast veal loin ** 1kg (to roast)

Roast veal nuts ** 1kg (to roast)

Veal Sauté *** 1,5kg (to simmer)

Veal Tournedos *** 600g (to grill)

4 kg Box

31,25 € TTC / kg

so 125,00 € TTC

Veal chop *** 500g (to grill)

Veal cutlets ** 850g (to grill)

Veal cutlets *** 350g (to grill)

Veal tendrons ** 500g (to simmer)

Low roast veal loin ** 500g (to roast)

Roast veal nuts ** 500g (to roast)

Veal Sauté *** 500g (to simmer)

Veal Tournedos *** 300g (to grill)

In retail

Basse côte **

Veal chop ***


(to grill)

9,99 € TTC

so 39,96 € TTC / kg

Basse côte **

2 Veal cutlets **


(to grill)

9,50 € TTC

so 38,00 € TTC / kg

Basse côte **

2 Veal cutlets ***


(to grill)

10,50 € TTC

so 42,00 € TTC / kg

2 Beefsteak **

Tenderloin ***


(to roast)

48,50 € TTC

so 48,50 € TTC / kg

Plat de côte **

Osso Bucco ***

400 g

(to simmer)

7,90 € TTC

so 19,75 € TTC / kg

Basse côte **

Low roast veal loin **


(to roast)

22,90 € TTC

so 28,63 € TTC / kg

Basse côte **

Roast veal nuts **


(to roast)

32,50 € TTC

so 40,63 € TTC / kg

2 Beefsteak **

Veal Sauté ***


(to simmer)

14,50 € TTC

so 19,33 € TTC / kg

Plat de côte **

2 Veal Tournedos ***

250 g

(to grill)

11,50 € TTC

so 46,00 € TTC / kg

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An exceptional farm product

A remarkable quality race

You recognize this magnificent breed of beef with its wheaty coat, lyre-shaped horns, eyes made up for a beautiful evening... it is the Aubrac breed. This rustic suckling breed is known for the quality of its meat by consumers and its various qualities of breeding and behavior for breeders.

veau de race Aubrac
veau de race Aubrac

The Aubrac is robust, this mountain cow has a moderate size and solid legs which allows it to be an outstanding hiker. The cold and harsh high plateaus where this breed was born have forged these animals. Not very demanding when it comes to food, Aubrac cows are still able to graze a large quantity of more or less quality grass without grumbling and will draw on its reserves while waiting for better times. We call this character the "Accordion Power" linked to its rusticity. Fortunately at Olivier, there is no reason to sigh or raise your voice, the quality of the grass is remarkable.

According to the farmers who raise these cows, this breed is not bigger or heavier than other breeds, but it combines breeding qualities with remarkable butchery skills. The animal's hide and bones are quite thin, which allows for a slightly higher quantity of meat while maintaining good quality.
We propose you in this pre-order the meat of Aubrac veal. As in all sectors of the food industry, the origin of the animal, its food and its method of breeding are the factors which determine the quality or not of the final product.

A breeding method based on the open air

Olivier and his family own 90 Aubrac cattle (30 calves, 30 cows, 30 heifers and some bulls) and dozens of pigs that are raised on straw. The animals are raised in the Cantal, a few kilometers from St Flour in the direction of the Puy de Miermont and more exactly on the Planèze plateau at an altitude of 1000 m. They benefit from a park of 90 hectares only made up of pastures for the Aubrac. The land is in the process of being labeled organic, which demonstrates the desire to do good at all levels of the farm.

Élevés en plein air

The whole herd stays in the meadows and moves regularly from one hectare to another in order to create a rotation and to allow the grass to renew itself. As for the pigs, they are pampered near the farm, having fun on their straw trampoline... we could almost see them doing pirouettes.
When the calves are born, the mother and her cubs do not leave each other and are sheltered from predators for several weeks. The calves will be raised under the mother in the green meadows. So yes, the veal will be pink, but this method of rearing is much better for the animals.


We have to specify the breeding of the calf

In some farms (those that do not interest us at all) and in the industry, in order to keep the meat white to please the consumer, a few days after their birth the calves are put in cellars or sheds in the dark (for farms) or in small huts in the dark (for the industry). They are fed exclusively with milk. The absence of light and the feeding with milk, allows them to have a very white meat. But for us and for a good number of farmers, it is clearly mistreatment. In addition, for industrial calves, there is a nice cocktail of drugs. Enjoy your meal!

So we decided to offer you calves with a very pink meat. For this, it is raised under the mother, that is to say that it remains with its mother all the time and feeds exclusively on her milk the first months. Following his mother and the herd, he will roam the green mountain meadows, which will lead him to discover the flavors of the herbs and flowers of the mountains. In addition to the milk rations, he will taste grass and hay from time to time. It will be raised until 8 months against 5 months for a calf raised by industries.

The Aubrac breed adapts well to its environment whether it is cold, rainy or windy. It is thanks to its origin and its capacities that these animals acclimatize so well. This helps to reduce diseases and have a good growth.

Olivier and his family take great care of each of their animals who spend most of their time in the meadows and are only home from December to April. They are regularly moved around the plateau in order to organize the feeding and rotation of the pastures.


A diet rich in milk with a little grass and flowers from the mountain meadows

Calves raised under the mother's care feed mainly on their mother's milk until they are 8 months old. This provides the calf with well-being and a rich diet. The milk requirement for the calf increases from 4 liters per day at birth to 15 liters at 4 months. The superior quality of the meat of veal raised under the mother's milk is mainly due to the high nutritional and organoleptic value of the fat contained in the milk (essential fatty acids), natural fats that are found in large part in the meat (marbled) and give it an incomparable flavor and melting. In addition to the milk, the calves graze and then ruminate the excellent quality of the vegetation of the plateau's meadows (grasses and mountain flowers).

Olivier, Sylvain and the whole family are very keen on this method of feeding the calves, closer to ancestral methods and animal welfare. Thanks to their care and these breeding methods, the quality of the meat will translate into 2 or 3 stars on the plate. An exceptional tenderness and a taste much more developed than that of industrial calves and calves not raised under the mother.
The great diversity of flowers contributes directly to the quality of the animal's diet with appreciated forage.

Olivier and his family take to heart the work in the fields, which also contributes to the quality of the landscape and the preservation of biodiversity by encouraging the presence of birds, reptiles, small mammals and insects, especially those that ensure pollination (honeybees, wild pollinators) and the natural protection of crops.
All year round, the Aubracs feed solely on the grasses and various species of flowers in the meadows. In winter (December to the end of March), they benefit from forage, wrapping (hay in filmed bales) and a mixture of cereals (wheat, barley and soya). This feeding already gives you a taste of the quality of the meat of this breeder.
Olivier and his family are totally against feeding corn silage to animals intended for slaughter. This method of preserving corn by acidification through the fermentation of wet corn is, according to them, harmful for the quality of the meat (a lot of water returned). Therefore, none of the proposed animals will be fed corn silage.

Viande bovine Aubrac de qualité

A starred meat

Olivier gave us the regulatory rating of the different pieces of meat. Indeed, for a simpler and more understandable information to the consumer, in France, a classification by star according to the quality is made, a bit like the restaurants, three stars corresponding to the maximum quality and only one star for the lowest quality potential. Thus a piece cut from a beautiful part of the animal will be more starred than a piece taken from a less qualitative part. The homogeneity between the muscle fiber and the collagen is necessarily taken into account in this classification. Olivier only offers 2 or 3 star meat. All you have to do is put on your apron and sublimate this tender and tasty Aubrac meat.

Golden Farmers

Saint Flour dans le Cantal

In the 80's, Olivier's parents had started breeding pigs but following the fall in the price of pork, the farm experienced very big difficulties. Olivier's mother, who was a fighter, decided to become a pork processor. This is where the story begins.

Olivier fermier dans le Cantal

In 2014, Olivier decided to come back to help Sylvain at the family farm and together they decided to put the church back in the middle of the village with strength and conviction. They decided to make only products of exceptional quality. For Olivier, coming from the agri-food world, it is time to respect the consumer and make quality products.

For the occasion, the farm has pushed the artisanal concept to the point of bringing their buildings up to "animal welfare" standards. Sylvain, the cousin, is in charge of raising the pigs and cows, he understands these animals better than anyone. When he goes to see the pigs and cows, they turn into pets happy to find their master. The animals are divided into boxes according to their age Olivier is in charge of the transformation and the administrative management with the help of his wife, cousins and many other family members. It is good to live on the Planèze of St Flour and it is good to go and spend some time with them.

Discover the world of Olivier and his family

Express delivery

Livré dans un Colis Frais

Aubrac farm veal boxes are sent by refrigerated transport directly to Ma Petite France and then stored in cold storage.
Each order is meticulously prepared by our team without breaking the cold chain thanks to our Fresh Packages that maintain a temperature between 2 and 4 degrees for 96 hours (4 days).

Daily, Ma Petite France sends sensitive fresh farm products and ships them to 40 countries around the world while maintaining the cold chain.

Express Delivery

For this fresh meat pre-order, we offer delivery only to the following countries :

- European Union:
(Germany, Italy, Austria, Latvia, Belgium, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Ireland and in France)
- UK
- Switzerland
- Norway

If the products don't arrive fast or are sent in a blimp it's not going to make it.
Then our carrier comes to pick up your package at Ma Petite France and takes the opportunity to stop for an express coffee (short, no sugar and not too hot). Your package is handled with the utmost care by the DHL company teams who will deliver your package to your home in 24 to 72 hours.

The price

Fair payment to farmers and artisans is central to our model while guaranteeing quality products. Fresh Parcel and Express Shipping have a cost. So you might as well take advantage of it to fill the package a bit more with other products from the store to amortize the costs (All the order will be delivered at the same time).

We contribute to the shipping costs from the first kilo. Delivery is offered from 250€ (excluding fresh parcels) in the European Union, United Kingdom and France.

Veal Sauté Bourgeoise

Peel 10 small onions as well as 1kg of carrots. Cut the onions into quarters and the carrots into slices.

In a Dutch oven or casserole dish, heat 40g of butter and brown 1kg of veal stir-fry on all sides.

Add to the meat, carrots, onions, 1 glass of white wine, 1 bouquet garni (parsley, thyme, bay leaf), salt and pepper. Cover and let simmer for 50 minutes. Stir from time to time.

Meanwhile, dice 100g of smoked bacon, clean/drain then slice 100g of button mushrooms. Add all these ingredients to the casserole and continue cooking for about 15 min.


Some boiled potatoes to complete this dish.


If using canned mushrooms, add them only at the last minute.

Roast Veal Bûcheronne

Salt and pepper 1kg of veal roast (in the veal rack if possible otherwise walnut it will be perfect) then flour it (1 tablespoon).

In a casserole or Dutch oven, brown your meat on all sides with 30g of butter and over high heat. Once golden, add 1 glass of hot water, ½ clove of garlic and a bouquet garni (parsley, thyme, bay leaf). Cover and let cook gently for about 2 hours.

Peel 15 small onions. Put them whole in a saucepan and cover to the top with water. Bring to a boil, then drain them. Reuse the emptied pan, put in the onions, 15g of butter and a teaspoon of sugar. Brown them over low heat.

You are 1 hour and 40 minutes into the cooking time, it is time to clean the mushrooms (100g), cut them into pieces and add them to the casserole along with the golden onions. Finish cooking.


Some boiled potatoes to complete this dish.


Onions can turn black quickly. Prepare them just before adding them to the casserole.
Add 3 tablespoons of fresh cream to the sauce for those with a sweet tooth.

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